Should you always need a cover letter?


The Importance Of Cover Letter

You have just seen a couple of job postings that suit your skills and expertise. But cannot arrive at a decision on sending a cover letter alongside Resume. Are you baffled on submitting or not submitting a cover letter? Is it possible to send your Resume without a cover letter? Find the answers for your question here. Read on!

  1. Self-branding:

Having a cover letter for your Resume allows you to market yourself better. Indeed, it’s part and parcel for personal branding in career. It makes it easy for the candidates to build their brand and take advantage on other competitors who post Resume for the same job. It boosts the chances to get interviewed and get better salary packages.

  1. Supports Resume

Your Resume consists of factual things written in a standard format. On the contrary, cover letter allows you to highlight a few of your outstanding achievements in an amicable style. You can even add your interests and working style briefly so that before the interview, employers get a glimpse of you; letting them know if you really fit into the work culture prevailing in their companies. Experts say the best cover letters deal with a profile of one’s personality, skills and accomplishments.

  1. Appeal to Employers

Since it is a medium to share the skills, talents and achievements in a more convincing manner, and if written in the right manner, just like the way it is intended, cover letter appeal to employers before candidates were being called for the face to face interview. Ask employers, they will say they get a clear knowledge on what the prospective employee is capable of, and evidently help them find if a candidate is suitable for the job position.

  1. Get noticed fast

Cover letter lets you outperform the heap of job seekers who applied for the same job position, if done right. But make sure that it’s fully devoid of spelling and grammar errors. And it is always wise to not rely on online or local resume writing service as the chances of getting noticed are very rare. If writing is not your cup of tea, get the help of a good writer to review your Resume. Remember, get a close check on spelling and word usage to help your Resume reach the right place.

Note: Cover letters are not send along with Resume if it is explicitly said by the employer that it is not needed. In such instances, the employers intend to check if you are able to adhere to the directions. Some online application does not provide the option and under such circumstances also, you can avoid attaching cover letter. Certain employers may not always check if you provide a cover letter while some would like to. So why miss an opportunity to get interviewed? Unless otherwise instructed not to send, keep in mind it is better to provide Cover letter along with your Resume.


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